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Corrosion to steel cost the world 3 trillion dollars per year so you can appreciate the need for good protection to steel buildings, boats and other metal structures. As Coo-Var are conveniently located in Hull they have spent over 100 years working closely with the fishing industry on the east coast of England as well as other parts of the UK and also as far as Europe and even the middle east as well. Another key sector that Coo-Var work closely with is the offshore oil and gas drilling platforms in the North Sea serviced from locations such as Aberdeen.

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  1. Coo-Var Zinc Phosphate Primer P201
    Coo-Var Zinc Phosphate Primer P201

    A high performance, modified alkyd metal primer used as an anti-corrosive primer on iron and steel.

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  2. Coo-Var W201 All Metals Primer
    Coo-Var W201 All Metals Primer

    A water based steel galvanised steel aluminium brass copper railing garage doors non ferrous metals.

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11 Items

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Coo-Var have formulated products such as V607/10 Rust Converters a unique product that stabilizes rust, a common problem on the fishing fleets as well as the offshore drilling platforms, forming a stable surface to apply paints and protective coatings too. This water based rust converter is non-hazardous, easy to apply and can be applied even in damp conditions. Even though V607/10 is water based paints based on strong solvents such as xylene can be applied over making many of the Coo-Var products and metal coating paints from Coo-var’s sister company Teamac a perfect choice for protection against further rusting.

With new legislation on VOC levels the chemists and technical department at Coo-Var are constantly formulating new low odour, water based and solvent free industrial and domestic paints that offer smooth finishes yet are still easy to apply and fast drying. Coo-Var W201 water based primer for metals such as galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, copper and many other surfaces has become a big seller in recent years, the W201 primer is suitable for interior and exterior application making it an ideal primer for railings, fencing, garage doors and other metalwork around the home and garden as it is environmentally friendly and safe for children and animals.

Coo-Var A303/306 is a heat resistant aluminum flake paint is regularly used in marine applications such as motorboat and yacht engines, as well as other industrial applications, and is even specified as a heat resistant coating for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) on exhaust pipes for commercial vehicle manufactures offering heat resistance of up to 150 degrees Celsius. Again the Coo-Var Chassis Black is an anti-corrosive coating that is specifically developed for application to new chassis on commercial vehicles and is regularly used by DIY Enthusiasts renovating classic cars as well as classic commercial vehicles.