Mapei Floor Resins and Paints

Mapei for many years have produced a range of floor resins such as Mapefloor System 33 a self-levelling, solvent-free epoxy floor coating applied at a thickness: 2-4 mm, that is tintable by Promain to a wide rang of colours. Mapefloor System 33 has passed BS 8204-6: Type 7 floor classification Mapefloor floor resins and paints have been developed for use in areas such as shopping centres, septic rooms and food production areas.
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  1. Mapei Mapefloor Finish 58W
    Mapei Mapefloor Finish 58W

    A two-component, aliphatic polyurethane coating product in water dispersion with a matt, transparent or coloured finish.

    From £116.12 £96.77
  2. Mapei Mapecoat I 24
    Mapei Mapecoat I 24

    Two-component epoxy paint for anti-acid coating of concrete surfaces.

    From £129.60 £108.00
  3. Mapei Mapecoat i 600 W
    Mapei Mapecoat i 600 W

    Two- component, transparent epoxy impregnator for water dispersion.

    From £223.20 £186.00
  4. Mapei Primer SN
    Mapei Primer SN

    2 pack fillerized epoxy primer. For use prior to a range of 1 or 2 pack floor paints or epoxy / PU resin systems.

    From £115.60 £96.33
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