Mapei Internal Wall Paints

Mapei are renowned for being market leaders with their grouts, sealants, screeds and repair mortars. However, over the past 5 years they are now being recognised for their internal and external paint coatings as well. Promain have worked closely with Mapei UK to get their coatings recognised in the industrial coatings market and more specifically introducing them to Transport for London (TfL). Now various of their coatings are added to specifications for projects on London Underground, Crossrail and HS2. This is because the substrates in subterranean environments require extremely breathable paints with very low dirt pick-up.

Mapei have two hygiene coatings – Mapecoat ACT 021 suitable for commercial kitchens, street food vans and schools. Mapecoat 196 is more suitable for the like of healthcare facilities. If you require a durable emulsion for home improvements, then Promain recommend looking at the Dursilite range.

At Promain we have Mapei tinting facilities. Therefore, we can colour match to most colours upon request.

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  1. Mapei Mapecoat ACT
    Mapei Mapecoat ACT

    A hygienic paint for interiors able to counteract the deposit and proliferation of moulds, viruses and bacteria on surfaces, even when frequently wash...

    From £72.37 £60.31
  2. Mapei Dursilite Paint
    Mapei Dursilite Paint

    A high white, internal washable water-based wall paint, formulated to have low dirt retention.

    From £32.23 £26.86
  3. Mapei Quarzolite Pittura Paint
    Mapei Quarzolite Pittura Paint

    Acrylic paint with micro quartz for internal and external application with a smooth finish and high durability.

    From £47.36 £39.47
  4. Mapei Silancolor Pittura Plus Masonry Paint
    Mapei Silancolor Pittura Plus Masonry Paint

    A siloxane paint for the mould and fungi resistant protection of both internal and external walls.

    From £81.84 £68.20
  5. Mapei Silancolor Pittura Masonry Paint
    Mapei Silancolor Pittura Masonry Paint

    A silicone resin based, breathable paint. Has the advantages of traditional mineral based paints and synthetic paints.

    From £62.36 £51.97
  6. Mapei Quarzolite Tonachino
    Mapei Quarzolite Tonachino

    A flexible fibroreinforced, acrylic rustic effect plaster for internal and external application to protect walls and even out surface imperfections.

    From £105.95 £88.29
  7. Mapei Silexcolor Mineral Silicate Masonry Paint
    Mapei Silexcolor Mineral Silicate Masonry Paint

    Silicate based, vapour-permeable Mineral Silicate Masonry Paint for cement or lime based renders.

    From £176.81 £147.34
  8. Mapei Silancolor Tonachino, 25 Kg
    Mapei Silancolor Tonachino, 25 Kg

    A water repellent, high filling siloxane plaster for external and internal use, to provide rustic effect to walls.

    From £120.22 £100.18
  9. Mapei Elastocolor Tonachino Plus
    Mapei Elastocolor Tonachino Plus

    A flexible, water repellent, mould / algae resistant elastomeric hygienic plaster. For internal / external walls.

    From £163.20 £136.00
  10. Mapei Quarzolite Base Coat
    Mapei Quarzolite Base Coat

    An acrylic undercoat used to level or improve bonding and absorption before the application of the final coat.

    From £86.86 £72.38
  11. Mapei Colorite Performance
    Mapei Colorite Performance

    A ready to use, UV resistant, long-lasting, acrylic paint for internal and external use.

    From £214.81 £179.01
  12. Mapei Mapecoat ACT 196 *CLEARANCE*
    Mapei Mapecoat ACT 196 *CLEARANCE*

    A durable, highly washable, semi gloss enamel paint for the decoration of interior walls and ceilings in healthcare facilities.

    From £201.98 £168.32
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