Axalta Corroless ACO Mastic Rapid Grade Formerly Acothane - Grey - 10 x 250g

Non Hazardous
A solvent free, fast curing, two pack polyurethane repair mastic for pipe coatings.
Available in 10 x 250g
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Product Description

Axalta Corroless ACO Mastic Rapid Grade a solvent free, fast curing, two pack polyurethane repair mastic for pipe coatings.

Best Uses

Axalta Corroless ACO Mastic Rapid Grade is suitable for the use of coating of field joints, repair of damaged coatings, filling of holes and cracks, on steel pipelines and other steel structures. This Rapid grade is specifically developed for use at lower ambient temperatures. For temperatures above 25°C the Mastic Standard Grade should be used, as this Rapid grade will be too fast curing.


All surfaces to be coated should be dry and cleaned as necessary to remove all oil, grease, salts, weld flux or other contamination. Where necessary, remove weld spatter and grind smooth all sharp edges and weld seams.

Steel: blast clean to minimum Sa2½ (ISO 8501-1:2007), surface profile depth 75-100μm. Mechanical tools may also be used, providing a profile of minimum 75μm. Do not polish the steel surface

Overlap onto existing pipeline coating: remove any loose material to establish a firm edge. Feather sound coating and abrade surface to provide a key. Thoroughly abrade to remove gloss, surface contaminants etc. by suitable method (sweep blasting, abrasive disking etc.)

Concrete: remove all laitance and other contaminants by most appropriate methods. Ensure the concrete is dry to a reading of <16% on the Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) scale. Prime with Corroless ACO LV Sealer.

Designed for application by brush, roller, putty knife, trowel or spatula.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: From 24th August 2023, adequate training is required before industrial or professional use of this product. Training can be accessed at:


Technical Details


  • Meets the requirements of GBE/CW6 Part 1 for External Pipe Protection
  • BS6920 Factory and site application and WRAS (number 1807514) water fittings directory
  • Meets the performance requirements of BS EN 10290 and AWWA C222
  • Malaysian SPAN approved

Technical Info

Components: Two Pack
Type: Solvent Free
Finish: Sheen
Stock Colours: Grey
Tintable: No
VOC Content: 0 g/litre
Volume Solids: 100%
Suitable Substrates: Pipe Coatings
Application Method: Brush
Theoretical Coverage: 1.0 m2/litre based on Wet/Dry Film Thickness of 1mm / 0.2 m2/litre based on Wet/Dry Film Thickness of 5mm
Wet Film Thickness (WFT): 1mm / 5mm
Dry Film Thickness (DFT): 1mm / 5mm
Induction Time: -
Pot Life: Approx. 5 min at 25°C
Hard Dry: 40 mins at 20°C
Overcoatable: After 15 minutes at 20°C
Fully Cured: 6 days at 20°C
Cleaner / Thinner: Clean with Axalta Thinner No.4 / Do not Thin
Shelf Life: Minimum 24 months if stored in dry coll conditions and protected from frost
Packaging: Available in 10 x 250g

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