Bollom Flamebar S3 for Hessian, Rope, Sisal and Natural Fibres

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Flamebar S3 Fire Proof for Theatre Stage Props, Hessian, Rope, Sisal, Tarpaulin, Canvas.
Available in 5 and 25 Litres in Clear
£57.00 (£68.40 Inc VAT)
£57.00 (£68.40 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Flamebar S3 is a flame retardant product from the manufacturers Bollom. This product is designed for use on a multitude of different surfaces and materials and comes ready to use for direct application.

Flamebar S3 is harmless to use and has negligible odour. Since materials are specific in the way they ignite and burn they each require different combinations of chemicals selected to work at or below ignition temperature to prevent burning and smouldering. Apart from retarding combustion, Bollom Flamebar solutions will stop smouldering and afterglow and often reduce smoke emission.

Best Uses

Flamebar S3 is best used internally and will withstand dry cleaning, remaining effective until washed out. This Flame Retardant from Bollom, is highly suitable for use on materials that are not frequently used like curtains and furnishing fabrics. Bollom Flamebar semi-durable flame retardants offer a convenient effective way of making a wide variety of materials safer from fire and thus conform to fire regulation standards.


Bollom Flamebar S3 is a high quality product designed for immediate application by spraying or dipping. Depending on the material or surface you use Flamebar N5 on depends on the application method and coverage rates. Theoretical coverage rates are usually between 4 and 10m2 per litre. Please see the technical data sheet if you require more information on the coverage rates on different materials.

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Surface and Environment

Bollom Flamebar S3 is designed for interior use and is most effective when used on Natural Materials such as cotton, hessian, rope, sisal, woven cotton tapes & belts, canvas welding screens, tarpaulins and lighter weight cardboard.