Centrecoat Thermoplastic Bicycle Logo

SKU id3645 Non Hazardous
Thermoplastic Bicycle Logo for Roads and Car Park Marking use instead of Line Paint
Available in White in Various Sizes
£7.04 (£8.45 Inc VAT)
£7.04 (£8.45 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Thermoplastic Bicycle Logo is part of Promain's range of Thermoplastic pre-formed line products. Thermoplastic Disabled Logo produces a clean cut, permanent marking that can be driven over within minutes of application.

Best Uses

Thermoplastic Bicycle Logo can be used in conjunction with anti-slip traffic paint and is ideal for use in car parks, walkways, cycle lanes and new or reinstatement work on roads.


Thermoplastic Bicycle Logo is easy to apply by placing the markings flat on the surface and sealed using a blowtorch for a surface that can be walked over within minutes.  Thermoplastic Bicycle Logo is available in a range of sizes between 400mm and 2700mm

Surface and Environment

Thermoplastic Bicycle Logo can be used on a number of surfaces but works most effectively on concrete surfaces in an outdoor environment. Thermoplastic Bicycle Logo is most suited to application to roads and walkways where pedestrians and vehicle owners need to be warned of cyclists.

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