Owatrol Net-trol Wood Cleaner and Colour Restorer

SKU id3690 Non Hazardous
Owatrol Net-trol restores the natural colour and beauty to Exterior Wood, unlike bleach or chlorine based cleaners it will not damage the wood fibres.
Available in 1, 2.5, and 15 Litres
£14.95 (£17.94 Inc VAT)
£14.95 (£17.94 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Owatrol Net-trol is a powerful wood cleaner and restorer which will clean and restore grey and weathered wood back to its natural colour without causing any damage to the woods fibres.

It will save both time and effort when cleaning and restoring colour to wood by effortlessly removing both the surface and ground in dirt in as little as 15 minutes without the need for sanding. Net-trol is also biodegradable and does not contain solvents or bleach meaning it’s not harmful to plants and shrubs so it’s safe to use in the garden.

Owatrol Net-trol is perfect for application on all exterior wood including tropical hardwoods, it can remove traces of weathering and staining from timber surfaces such as tannin bleed, mildew, pollution and damaged caused by the sun’s harmful UV Rays. Owatrol Net-trol can also be used to neutralise the reaction of paint stripper’s such as Owatrol Dilunnet or Prepdeck. It will also ensure the surface is at the correct ph. ready for applying a penetrating finish such as Owatrol Deks Olje D1 or Owatrol Textrol.

Owatrol Net-Trol is not only limited to use on timber It can also be used to restore the lustre of plastic faded by the sun’s harmful UV rays and to clean discoloured cement and stone.

Best Uses

Owatrol Net-trol Wood Cleaner & Colour Restorer is best used to clean and restore the colour of exterior timber. It can be used on all species of softwoods including pressured treated timber, larch, pine, cedar etc. and hardwoods such as teak, iroko, ipe, bangkirai (balau), oak, chestnut etc. it can also be used to restore faded plastic and GRP, clean discoloured stone and stained cement.


Owatrol Net-trol is best applied with either a synthetic brush or roller both long and medium pile. Owatrol Net-trol has a theoretical coverage of 5-10m2 per litre, actual coverage will vary depending on type, age and texture of surface.

When using Owatrol Net-trol on wood, Stone or Concrete you will need to wet the surface first with fresh clean water then apply the Owatrol Net-trol with either a brush or roller, after application work the Net-trol into the surface with a stiff nylon/synthetic brush. Allow the Owatrol Net-trol to stand between 10-20 minutes, if the surface begins to dry out re-wet the surface with a mist application of water. After allowing Owatrol Net-trol to stand rinse the surface with fresh clean water whilst scrubbing or alternatively use a pressure washer with maximum pressure of 60 bar. Allow the substrate to then completely dry before applying your chosen finish or sealer.

If using Owatrol Net-Trol to restore faded plastic or GRP simply wet the surface with fresh clean water, then using a brush apply the Owatrol Net-Trol to the surface and leave to stand for 10 minutes. Allow the Owatrol Net-Trol to stand, scrub the surface with a soft or medium nylon scrubbing brush and rinse with large amounts of fresh clean water.

Always consult the manufactures Technical Data Sheet before application.

Surface and Environment

Owatrol Net-trol is best used on exterior timber to clean, restore the colour and remove all of the weathered grey wood fibres from untreated timber. The product can be applied to all species of softwoods such as larch, pine, cedar and pressure treated timber and also hardwoods such as teak, ipe, iroko, bangkirai (balau), oak, chestnut etc. Owatrol Net-trol can be used on either horizontal or vertical surfaces such as cladding, fences, decks (boat & garden), garden furniture plus many more.

In addition to the above Owatrol Net-trol can be used to clean previously coated exterior wood surfaces, rust stained cement, discoloured stone and also to restore the lustre of faded GRP and plastic. Do not use an aluminium. 

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