Rustoleum Thinners 160

Rustoleum Thinners 160

SKU id3264 UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III)
Suitable for adding to CombiPrimer 3302 when spraying.
Available in 1 and 5 Litres
£14.95 (£17.94 Inc VAT)
£14.95 (£17.94 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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Rustoleum Thinners 160 is part of the fantastic range of thinners and degreasers that Promain supplies and delivers to customers on a national scale. Rustoleum Thinners 160 is available in 1 litre or 5 litre tins.

Best Uses

Rustoleum Thinners 160 is best used when added to Rustoleum CombiColor CombiPrimer 3302 Adhesion Primer when spraying to provide a substance to help thin it out or clean up after use.


Rustoleum Thinners 160 can be applied by mixing to various different products, preferably Rustoleum CombiColor CombiPrimer 3302 Adhesion Primerby following the mixing instructions that come with the paint product.

Surface and Environment

Rustoleum Thinners 160 can be used in varying environments on different surfaces but we would recommend using thinners 160 on Metal substrates for optimum Thinning and Degreasing effects.

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