*Sherwin Williams Macropoxy P300 - Formerly Waterline

This product is now discontinued. See Sika Sikagard 62 as a potential alternative.
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Product Description

Please note, this product is now discontinued. See Sika Sikagard 62 as a potential alternative.

Sherwin Williams Macropoxy P300 - Formerly Waterline is a solvent free 2 pack epoxy for internal potable water pipes and tanks for public use.

Best Uses

Sherwin Williams Macropoxy P300 is a 100% solids potable water coating solution suitable for use on structures containing drinking water for public supply. Suitable for drinking water tank and pipe linings, Macropoxy P300 is a solvent free, high-build epoxy resin coating system, which is moisture tolerant and rapid curing. The cured lining will not affect the pH of drinking water, providing long term durability.


Apply using a twin component spray or brush for small areas or touch up only. Macropoxy P300 is only recommended to be overcoated for touch up purposes. Prior to overcoating, these areas must be thoroughly abraded, then solvent washed using Cleanser Thinners No. 13. Allow all solvent washings to dry, and thoroughly ventilate the area before applying touch up coat.

Technical Details


  • DWI approved as a site and factory applied coating for potable water retaining structures ref DWI 56.4.253
  • Water Industry Act 1991 : Section 69
  • Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations : 1989
  • Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations (Amendment) 1991 - Regulation 25(1)
  • Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Directory Reference 0512526

Technical Info:

  • Pot Life: 15 minutes at 20°C
  • Dry Film Thickness: 500 microns
  • Theoretical Coverage: 2m2 per litre
  • Drying Times: 3 hours to touch at 15°C 6 hours to recoat at 15°C
  • Available in Grey (Black Base with Grey Additive)
  • Available in 30 Litres

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