*Sika Poxicolor HE New

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Product Description

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Sika Poxicolor HE New is a 2-pack aluminium epoxy primer that has been developed to offer a high performance coating that can be applied to manually prepared steel and galvanised steel.

Best Uses

Available in black Sika Poxicolor HE NEW is an over coatable primer that offers an economical solution to providing corrosion control to new or weathered galvanized steel as well as mild steel that has surface rust. Sika Poxicolor is surface tolerant elevating the need for sweep or sand blasting or where only mechanical cleaning with a power tool or hand tool is possible.


Sika Poxicolor HE NEW following surface preparation to St2 or St3. Poxicolor is best applied by airless sprayer although the required dry film thickness of 75 microns can be achieved by brush application making this an economical method of protection and corrosion control. The use of conventional high pressure spraying is also suitable for the application of Poxicolor. Spray application will offer the best results.

Sika Poxicolor HE NEW is approved according to German standard 'TL/TP-KOR-Stahlbauten', and is available in 3 colours including aluminium sand-yellow and red-brown by special order. Typical uses are chemical plants, bridges and coastal areas where exposure to harsh conditions are experienced.

Technical Details
  • Poxicolor HE New offers a high-build application
  • Fast patch drying and curing
  • Very economically due to high coverage
  • High build and diffusion density of the coating provide a good
  • Excellent corrosion protection 
  • Surface tolerant so manual preparation is possible
  • Application by Airless or convential spray
  • Brush application is possible for small areas
  • Typical uses are chemical plants, bridges and coastal areas 
  • Available in black
  • Theoretical coverage 9.5 m2 per litre
  • Available in 28 Kg tins.