Sika Sikagard® 670W Elastocolor

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A one component anti-carbonation coating which protects concrete substrates against the effects of ageing and weathering.
Available in 20 Litres
£233.00 (£279.60 Inc VAT)
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£233.00 (£279.60 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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Sikagard® 670W Elastocolour is a one component anti-carbonation coating which protects concrete substrates against ageing and weathering.

Sikagard® 670W ElastoColor is a one part acrylate anti-carbonation coating which can be applied directly to concrete surfaces. Sikagard® 670W ElastoColor complies with the requirements of EN 1504-2 as a protective coating. Sikagard® 670W ElastoColor is solvent free and environmentally friendly.

Best Uses

Sikagard® 670W ElastoColor is used for the protection and enhancement of standard and lightweight concrete structures. Sikagard® 670W ElastoColor is used as a protective coating for existing soundly adhering coatings.


Sikagard® 670W ElastoColor is easy to apply by brush, roller or airless spray. The application temperature must be at least 3 degrees above dew point. Sikagard® 670W ElastoColor should not be thinned unless the first coat is to be used as a primer.

Surface and Environment

Sikagard® 670W ElastoColor is water vapour permeable and provides very good resistance against weathering and ageing. It prevents water ingress and has a high diffusion resistance to carbon dioxide. Surfaces must be clean and dry and free from loose and friable particles. New concrete must be at least 28 days old.