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Product Description

Please note, this product is now unavailable in the UK. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Teknos Woodex Aqua Base is a ready to use, water-borne wood preservative primer for priming of wood surfaces prior to the surface treatment.

Best Uses

Teknos Woodex Aqua Base is intended for consumer and professional use against wood rot and blue stain fungi on wood, in use classes 2 and 3 (EN 335-1). Teknos Woodex Aqua Base is used to protect wood that is either constantly exposed to weathering or that is protected from weathering, but gets frequently wet.

Teknos Woodex Aqua Base is not suitable for use on wooden constructions that are in contact with soil and will frequently be exposed to wetting, or that are in permanent contact with fresh or salt water.

Teknos Woodex Aqua Base is ideal as a base coat on wooden Window frames, external doors, façade claddings, board and timber constructions, fences, eaves, car shelters and similar untreated wooden surfaces.


Wooden surfaces primed with Teknos Woodex Aqua Base must be top coated as soon as possible, before the first rainfall. Suitable products for the top coating are Teknos water and solvent-borne wood preservatives, wood stains, primers, facade paints and furniture paints that are intended for painting wooden surfaces outdoors.

Teknos Woodex Aqua Base is used undiluted. Mix well before use. Teknos Woodex Aqua Base is applied on a clean and dry surface with a soft brush, roller or spray.
In small-scale joinery in professional use Teknos Woodex Aqua Base may also be applied by dipping.

Application by manual dipping must be carried out within a limited area, situated on an impermeable surface. Storage of treated wood must either be under cover with a recovery system in place, or on an impermeable surface. When application is carried out on the building site, do not contaminate soil and surface waters with the product.

Handle product and dry freshly treated wood in areas with good ventilation. Wood that is exposed to weathering must be top coated with a suitable product, minimum dry film thickness 100 μm, which is achieved by 1-3 treatments depending on the product. The instructions for use given for the product used are to be followed during the top coating. The top coating must be made before the wood is exposed to rainfall. The top coat should not contain a triazole fungicide.

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