Tor Elastaseal Fibretex RC104

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For flat roofs is a ultra high solid urethane membrane with reinforced fibres.
Available in 12.5 Litres
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£231.14 (£277.37 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Elastaseal Fibretex RC104 provides the intermediate coating in a 3 part system designed by Tor and should be applied on top of Elastaseal Embedment Coat prior to the application of Elastaseal Top Coat.

Best Uses

Elastaseal Fibretex RC104 is best used for providing a waterproofing system to flat roofs and can be used as part of a balcony coating also, where surfaces are constantly exposed to atmospheric conditions. Elastaseal Fibretex RC104 is highly recommended and is the product chosen to be used on the Thames Barrier, showing you the quality that comes with a paint like this.


Elastaseal Fibretex RC104 should be applied using brush or short/medium pile roller for a theoretical coverage rate of 1-2m2 per litre, per coat depending on thickness. Fibretex is quick drying (4 hours to touch), and can be overcoated after just 8 hours.

Surface and Environment

Elastaseal Fibretex RC104 is waterproofing membrane ideal for use on flat and pitched roofs that have been build with a sound substrate. Elastaseal Fibretex RC104 works well in outdoor conditions to prevent water damaging the surface and the potential of leaking.

Recommended Products To Use

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This product is now discontinued.

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