Treatex Wax Polish, 500ml

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An easy to apply clear polish designed to refresh worn wooden surfaces finished with Treatex Hardwax Oil.
Available in 500ml
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Product Description

Treatex Wax Polish is a simple to use, clear polish, designed to refresh worn out wooden surfaces finished with Treatex Hardwax Oil.

Best Uses

Treatex Wax Polish offers an easy to apply solution in a can ,that can be sprayed onto the surface, and is great at bringing surfaces back to life quickly whilst providing a durable, water repellent and non slip finish, similar to that of the Hardwax Oil.


Treatex Wax Polish can be sprayed onto the surface and then wiped using a lint free cloth or buffed on a slow machine with a white pad, to remove all dirt, faint stains and debris from the surface.

Surface and Environment

Treatex Wax Polish has been designed for cleaning floors, worktops and all surfaces that can been coated with Hardwax. This product is suitable for use in a variety of environments including domestic and commercial based buildings