Centrecoat Driveways and Patios

About Centrecoat Driveways and Patios

Centrecoat offer a range of coatings suitable for tarmac, concrete and block paving driveways, patios and paths. 

Centrecoat Water Based Driveway Paint is an easy to apply, high opacity coating, formulated from a tough acrylic resin with a small aggregate added to increase anti-slip properties. Water based paints offer excellent adhesion and the ability to flex with the movement of the surface.

It is important to clean your driveway thoroughly prior to applying a paint. Centrecoat provide a wide range of cleaners to remove algae such as Centrecoat R04 BG Hard Landscape Cleaner.

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Block paving over time becomes dirty and suffers from UV rays making it dull and faded. To combat this, Centrecoat offer a range of products from the Centrecoat All Surface Protector a transparent easy to apply liquid that saturates the substrates keeping surfaces looking natural and clean without changing their appearance. Not only suitable for block paving but also suitable to help waterproof a variety of surfaces, including, walls, granite, stone, brick, sandstone, limestone, travertine, roof tiles, paths and pavings.

Centrecoat provide many products to revive your block paving, flags and paving slabs. See below for suitable products for patios, driveways or even car parks.