Graphenstone were created in 2013, with the aim of manufacturing worldwide, groundbreaking, eco-friendly coatings with exceptional qualities. Graphenstone excel in producing paints and coatings that are breathable, natural and ecologically free of harmful substances.

With their traditional ecological range, Graphenstone products are composed of natural elements that help to purify the air that we breathe inside our homes. This makes their products ideal for people who suffer from chemical intolerances, and are therefore recommended for indoor enclosures such as hospitals, nurseries, retirement homes, hotels, and environments or rooms predominantly for infants and children.

There are numerous health benefits resulting from the use of Graphenstone materials including: improved air quality of indoor environments, limited pathogens derived from sick building syndrome (known as sBs), the prevention of mould growth, fungi and bacteria, and a guarantee of safer domestic environments with increased comfort and quality of life.

As well as their impressive range of indoor paints, Graphenstone also have an equally impressive range of exterior paint, including masonry paint, and Wood Stains.

Graphenstone continue to work diligently, creating ever more healthy and sustainable coatings for all manner of buildings.

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  1. Graphenstone GrafClean Matt Premium
    Graphenstone GrafClean Matt Premium

    A highly breathable, toxic free, ecoGreen paint, suitable for use on interior and exterior walls.

    From £24.02 £20.02
  2. Graphenstone AmbientPrimer Premium L42
    Graphenstone AmbientPrimer Premium L42

    A primer that regulates and reduces the absorption of the substrate it is applied to. Used within Graphenstone systems.

    From £31.54 £26.28
  3. Graphenstone GrafClean Eggshell Premium
    Graphenstone GrafClean Eggshell Premium

    A low sheen, ecological paint suitable for interior and exterior use.

    From £26.53 £22.11
  4. Graphenstone Nevada Ultra
    Graphenstone Nevada Ultra

    A low cost, natural ecological paint suitable for us on interior walls & ceilings.

    From £43.55 £36.29
  5. Graphenstone Ecosphere Premium
    Graphenstone Ecosphere Premium

    An anti-carbonation, lime based mineral masonry paint for interior walls. Matt finish.

    From £26.53 £22.11
  6. Graphenstone MinerMastic Premium
    Graphenstone MinerMastic Premium

    Renovation putty for small defects and paint chipping repairs.

    From £24.02 £20.02
  7. Graphenstone AmbientPro+ Premium
    Graphenstone AmbientPro+ Premium

    A natural, photocatalytic lime based paint suitable for both interior and exterior walls.

    From £33.04 £27.53
  8. Graphenstone GCS Exterior Premium
    Graphenstone GCS Exterior Premium

    A silicate lime based paint with a matte colour finish suitable for use on exterior walls.

    From £32.04 £26.70
  9. Graphenstone StopWater Premium
    Graphenstone StopWater Premium

    A temporary anti-humidity treatment which allows the application of paint on surfaces with humidity.

    From £31.54 £26.28
  10. Graphenstone GCS Interior Premium
    Graphenstone GCS Interior Premium

    A silicate lime based paint with a matte colour finish suitable for use on interior walls.

    From £30.04 £25.03
  11. Graphenstone Four2Four Premium
    Graphenstone Four2Four Premium

    A primer / undercoat that ensures adherence of mineral paints to all types of surfaces.

    From £40.20 £33.50
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