*Protectall Water Proofing for Walls and Patios

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

This product is now discontinued. Please contact us for an alternative.

Protectall Water Proofing For Walls is a Waterproofing Paint for walls and floors supplied to you by Promain. Protectall is a ready to use waterproofer and usually requires minimal surface preparation. The unique ProtectAll range is a waterborne, silicon free non-toxic protective surface treatment that acts as a repellent to oil, liquid, chewing gum, bird droppings and graffiti.

Best Uses

Protectall Water Proofing for Walls provides a quick and easy solution for walls exposed to water, moisture and dampness. A simple application of Protectall will dramatically prolongs the life of all surfaces - providing an innovative, scientific solution for the protection of buildings and structures, whether historic or modern. Protectall is transparent and prevents the growth of moss, fungi and lichens that affect the aesthetic appeal and performance of porous materials.


Protectall Water Proofing for Walls is an easy way to Waterproof your walls and floors by manual application. Simply brush the transparent solution onto your surface and within hours you will be provided with a surface that offers outstanding long lasting protection against the effects of rain, snow and frost.

Surface/environment is it designed for?

Protectall Water Proofing for Walls can be used on a wide range of different surfaces including roof tiles, brick, limestone, marble, granite, slate, terracotta, concrete rendering and artificial stone. Protectall can be used on various different environments for protection against diesel mineral, vegetable oils, atmospheric pollution, wine, tea and coffee.