A range of paint coatings from Hempel that have been approved for Network Rail for new and maintenance projects

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  1. Hempel Hempadur MIO 47950
    Hempel Hempadur MIO 47950

    An intermediate or finishing coat epoxy system for use in atmospheric exposures. BBA Cert No.08/H135-PS7. Highways Approved Item No.112

    From £76.08 £63.40
  2. Hempel Hempathane HS 55610
    Hempel Hempathane HS 55610

    A 2-part, polyurethane topcoat, with good gloss and colour retention. BBA Cert No. 08/H135-PS13. Highways Approved Item No.169.

    From £76.32 £63.60
  3. Hempel Hempadur Mastic 45880
    Hempel Hempadur Mastic 45880

    A self-primed, surface tolerant coating with low temperature curing properties, low VOC and high film build.

    From £63.74 £53.12
  4. Hempel Hempathane 55810 HS
    Hempel Hempathane 55810 HS

    A two component topcoat for the protection of structural steel in severely corrosive atmospheric environments.

    From £87.60 £73.00
  5. Hempel Hempadur ZP 47940
    Hempel Hempadur ZP 47940

    A two-component polyamide adduct cured, high build epoxy paint. BBA Cert No. 08/H135-PS6. Highways Approved Item No.111

    From £303.97 £253.31
  6. Hempel Hempadur 15570
    Hempel Hempadur 15570

    Two component polyamide-adduct epoxy paint providing a protective coating to steel & metal surfaces in severely corrosive environments.

    From £50.95 £42.46
  7. Hempel Hempadur 35560 - WRAS Approved
    Hempel Hempadur 35560 - WRAS Approved

    Approved potable water, solvent-free, high-build, polyamine adduct cured epoxy paint.

    From £387.55 £322.96
  8. Hempel Hempadur Multi-Strength GF 35870
    Hempel Hempadur Multi-Strength GF 35870

    A self-priming epoxy with good impact and abrasion resistance. BBA Cert. no. 08/H135-PS1. Highways Approved Item No.123.

    From £380.20 £316.83
  9. Hempel Hempadur 47960
    Hempel Hempadur 47960

    A high build epoxy coating for the protection of metal substrates against atmospheric corrosion. Network Rail Approved.

    From £271.19 £225.99
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