Remmers Restoration Mortar

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A ready-to-use, pre-mixed, dry mortar made of mineral raw materials (binder and aggregates).
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£113.36 (£136.03 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Remmers Restoration Mortar is a ready-to-use, pre-mixed, dry mortar made of mineral raw materials (binder and aggregates).

Best Uses

Remmers Restoration Mortar is used for restoring, supplementing and re-profiling mineral substrates such as natural stone, brick, concrete and synthetic stone. It can also be used to reproduce ornamental building elements in a tamping procedure.

Its physical characteristics correspond to the requirement for the lowest possible inherent stress and physical-mechanical properties that are coordinated to the natural stone substrate (compressive and bonding strength, water transport, etc.).


A general prerequisite for working with Remmers Restoration Mortar is a load-bearing substrate (balanced strength profile). This can be achieved by preparing the stone with a stone mason's tools or by consolidating the stone and, if necessary, by combining treatment with Remmers Antihygro.

Preliminary restoration work

For valuable heritage surfaces that would lose their surface characteristics if the substrate were prepared using stone mason's tools, the substrate can be prepared by consolidating the stone with the Remmers Silicic Acid Ester System. The exact procedure for this must be determined for the specific object.

Preparation with stone mason's tools

The areas to be restored with Restoration Mortar should be cut out at an appropriate angle with a chisel or fly-wheel cutter. The damaged, weathered areas should be scabbled out down to sound stone. Edge areas should not taper off to zero if possible. Supporting reinforcement in the form of plastic star dowels or stainless steel should only be used on strongly cantilevered elements such as cornices, etc. These are anchored with plastic dowels or thickened Remmers Epoxy BH 100.