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  1. International Interbond 201
    International Interbond 201

    A two pack epoxy primer/finish offering corrosion protection in one coat.

    From £293.52 £244.60
  2. International Interzone 762
    International Interzone 762

    For the protection of steelwork exposed in aggressive environments.

    From £1,005.54 £837.95
  3. International Enviroline 2405
    International Enviroline 2405

    Intended to provide high corrosion protection, with a rapid cure in a single coat scheme.

    From £642.84 £535.70
  4. International Interzone 485
    International Interzone 485

    A high volume solids, 2 pack catalysed epoxy, capable of being applied up to 3000 microns DFT on marine decks.

    From £533.10 £444.25
  5. International Interthane 990SG
    International Interthane 990SG

    A two component product giving excellent durability and long term recoatability.

    From £91.26 £76.05
  6. International Intertherm 3070
    International Intertherm 3070

    Formulated specifically to provide corrosion protection for the subsea market.

    From £773.83 £644.86
  7. International Intersleek 731
    International Intersleek 731

    A two pack, silicone elastomer tie coat for new building or maintenance and repair.

    From £1,284.12 £1,070.10
  8. International Intersleek 1100SR
    International Intersleek 1100SR

    Biocide-free and designed for application onto the underwater hull.

    From £1,669.79 £1,391.49
  9. International Intergard 5000BG
    International Intergard 5000BG

    An anti-corrosive which can be applied directly to mechanically prepared shop primer or suitably prepared bare steel.

    From £135.85 £113.21
  10. International Intergard 7600
    International Intergard 7600

    A pure epoxy primer with anti-corrosive properties and overcoating intervals of up to 6 months.

    From £319.08 £265.90
  11. International Interswift 6600
    International Interswift 6600

    A TBT free anti-fouling from International Paints. Can be applied down to -5°C.

    From £1,624.25 £1,353.54
  12. International Interthane 990E
    International Interthane 990E

    Formulated as a cosmetic finish above water in marine environments. NORSOK approved.

    From £123.12 £102.60
  13. International Intersleek 737
    International Intersleek 737

    A three pack tie coat for use with International Intersleek systems.

    From £1,284.18 £1,070.15
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