*Bradite Low Slip Aggregate SA12

This product is now discontinued.
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Product Description

This product is now discontinued. Please see Bradite Low Slip Additive LS30 a potential replacement.

Bradite Low Slip Aggregate SA12 is a soft feel polypropylene bead additive providing additional under foot traction to Bradite floor coatings.

Best Uses

Bradite Low Slip Aggregate SA12 used in conjunction with Bradite floor paints requiring a hard wearing softer feel low slip additive. Especially suited for when bare skin contact is likely thus reducing chance of discomfort or grazing that may occur with mineral aggregate alternatives.


Consult technical data sheet for the specific Bradite floor paint product for recommendations.

Direct incorporation method: Bradite Low Slip Soft Aggregate SA12 should be added to the paint and mixed thoroughly just before use at a rate of 1 x 250ml SA12 tin (110g) per 5 litre of paint.

Hand broadcast method: Bradite Low Slip Soft Aggregate SA12 should be scattered over the first coat while it is still wet at a rate of 0.2 - 0.5 kg/m2. When dry, excess low slip additive should be brushed off before application of the final coat. The end user and applicator must ensure that the finished floor is safe against slips in all likely usage conditions.

Technical Details
Components: One Part
Type: Polymer Bead
Finish: -
Stock Colours: White
Tintable: No. Please note, bespoke tints are non refundable / exchangeable
VOC Content: -
Volume Solids: 100%
Suitable Substrates: For use with Bradite Polyurethane Floor Paint
Application Method: Broadcast or Direct Incorporation To Paint
Theoretical Coverage: 0.01 to 0.5 Kg per m2
Particle Size: Approx 0.1mm
Shelf Life: Almost unlimited if unopened in original packaging
Packaging: Available in 250ml