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  1. International Ceilcote 2000 Flakeline
    International Ceilcote 2000 Flakeline

    A solvent free coating designed for installation onto steel or concrete surfaces.

    From £1,040.39 £866.99
  2. International Ceilcote 232 Flakeline
    International Ceilcote 232 Flakeline

    For use on tanks or other steel structures, trenches, pits, secondary containment & floors, where chemical resistance is the primary concern.

    From £677.65 £564.71
  3. International Ceilcote 242 Flakeline
    International Ceilcote 242 Flakeline

    A flake filled vinyl ester coating offering outstanding chemical resistance and a quick return to service.

    From £698.88 £582.40
  4. International Interline 994
    International Interline 994

    For corrosion protection for the internals of steel storage tanks, vessels, spools, pipes and rail cars.

    From £683.15 £569.29
  5. International Enviroline 2405
    International Enviroline 2405

    Intended to provide high corrosion protection, with a rapid cure in a single coat scheme.

    From £642.84 £535.70
  6. International Interseal 670HS
    International Interseal 670HS

    For use on a wide variety of substrates including hand prepared rusty steel.

    From £98.82 £82.35
  7. International Intergard 5000
    International Intergard 5000

    A light coloured, tar free, surface tolerant, universal primer with high volume solids (82%). Intergard 5000 is also tolerant of damp surfaces.

    From £442.97 £369.14
  8. International Interline 984
    International Interline 984

    A two component, solvent free, chemically resistant, heavy duty epoxy phenolic tank lining.

    From £575.66 £479.72
  9. International Interline 955
    International Interline 955

    A two part, chemical and abrasion resistant, glass flake reinforced vinyl ester for the internal lining of chemical storage tanks and vessels.

    From £900.67 £750.56
  10. International Interline 925
    International Interline 925

    For application to steel tank internals.

    From £751.30 £626.08
  11. International Interline 399
    International Interline 399

    Suitable for internal lining of storage vessels and process vessels at elevated temperatures up to 130°C.

    From £643.78 £536.48
  12. International Interline 850
    International Interline 850

    A two component, chemically resistant, high solids, high build epoxy phenolic tank and pipe lining.

    From £625.42 £521.18
  13. International Interline 975
    International Interline 975

    A light coloured, solvent free, pure epoxy coating for potable water tanks.

    From £503.89 £419.91
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