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Within our trusted PPG Marine and Industrial Coatings, SIGMA COATINGS product portfolio we offer a complete range of high-performance and cost-effective paint coatings. Designed to prolong service life, these coatings provide a vital protective barrier to prevent corrosion and therefore the need for extensive repair work or costly replacements. With both solvent-free and solvent-borne products available there is a solution to meet the specialist requirements of all types of  substrates however sensitive, hazardous or corrosive.

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  1. PPG Dimetcote Steel Primer 210
    PPG Dimetcote Steel Primer 210

    A two pack corrosion resistant metal primer formulated as a weldable pre-construction primer or field or shop applied primer.

    From £343.40 £286.17
  2. PPG Sigma EP 159 Sealer
    PPG Sigma EP 159 Sealer

    A two pack epoxy sealer pigmented with aluminium. Highways Approved Item 159.

    From £102.89 £85.74
  3. PPG SigmaPrime 200
    PPG SigmaPrime 200

    A two component multipurpose polyamide anti-corrosive epoxy paint system from PPG.

    From £348.00 £290.00
  4. PPG SigmaPrime 700
    PPG SigmaPrime 700

    A two component multi purpose polyamide cured anti-corrosive epoxy paint system from PPG.

    From £357.73 £298.11
  5. PPG Amercoat 71 TC
    PPG Amercoat 71 TC

    A two component polyamide-cured epoxy tiecoat for a wide range of topcoats for immersion and non-immersion service.

    From £312.96 £260.80
  6. PPG Phenguard Subsea 610
    PPG Phenguard Subsea 610

    A two component, high build, amine adduct-cured novolac phenolic epoxy primer for subsequent coats of PPG Phenguard Subsea 780.

    From £116.54 £97.12
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