*Sherwin Williams Firetex M89/02 Syntactic Epoxy Insulant

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Product Description

Please note, this product is now discontinued. Contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Sherwin Williams Firetex M89/02 is a solvent free epoxy thermal insulating barrier that is resistant to moisture, petroleum solvents, impact, alkali spillage, aliphatic solvents and weather.

Best Uses

Sherwin Williams Firetex M89/02 provides thermal insulation to steel structures ranging from temperatures of cyrogenic to 150°C. In addition to cryogenic spill protection of steel surfaces, FIRETEX M89/02 allows steel surfaces maintaing a service temperature of 80°C to 150°C to be fireproofed when used as a duplex system under FIRETEX M90, M90/02, and M93/02 intumescent coatings. FIRETEX M89/02 is also recommended for coating surfaces to protect personnel from injury. Examples: LNG Structures, Piping, Vessels, and Marine vessel structures.


Clean up using Thinner no9. It is advisable to store FIRETEX M89/02 at temperatures between 20-25°C as this will assist the mixing process. Prior to mixing of Part A and Part B a low shear mixer should be used in Part A (White base component) to ensure it is homogeneous. This should stop immediately once it becomes homogeneous. Mix FIRETEX M89/02 by using a low shear mixer, until a consistent buff color is obtained. At this point, mixing MUST stop as excessive mixing can have an adverse effect on the product. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN CHAIN MIXERS BE USED.

After mixing, the product density should be checked by filling a 200 cc paper cup with the M89/02, ensuring as little air entrapment as possible, level off the M89/02 with the top of the cup, and then weigh the cup plus the M89/02. The weight should be less than 100 grams. Any weight higher than this indicates an excessive mixing process. Recommended topcoats are as follows: FIRETEX M90, M90/02, M93/02 Hi-Solids Polyurethane Acrolon 218 HS, Sherthane 2K

IMPORTANT INTUMESCENT PRODUCT NOTE: Always contact Promain’s technical team prior to purchase to obtain a tailored project specification and the advice necessary. The information displayed on this website should only be used as a guide. Promain UK Limited will not be held liable for any resulting damage to property, human life or monetary costs incurred due to incorrect specification, preparation, application or maintenance that has occurred due to negligence by either the purchaser or applicator. This includes your failure to have contacted us to obtain the relevant advice/specification.

Technical Details


  • Norsok M501 Rev 6 System 5A

Technical Info:

  • Dry Film Thickness: 400 microns by trowel, 320 microns via spray
  • Pot Life: 60 minutes at 15°C
  • Drying Times: 10 hours at 15°C to recoat
  • Available in Buff
  • Available in 15 Litres

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