*3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating 165 S

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This product is now discontinued. Formerly Copon Hycote 165 (Standard).

Product Description

Due to the closure of 3M Northallerton, this product is now discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating 165 (S), formerly Copon Hycote 165S, has been specifically developed as a 100% solids protection system, with a degree of flexibility, designed for external application to pipe systems.

Best Uses

3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating 165 (S), is a top of the range product, with fantastic flexibility that works to bend or move with the substrate in adverse conditions, without cracking or flaking. Specially manufactured for the external protection of pipes, 165 (S) works excellently well when applied to field girth weld joints on pipeline systems.


3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating 165 (S), can be applied in various different ways, however we would highly recommend using plural-feed hand spray, which offers the smoothest finish at thicknesses up to 2mm in one coat. When applied at 1000 microns dft, 3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating 165 has a theoretical coverage rate of 1m2 per litre, which is dry to touch after 4 hours.

Surface and Environment

3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating 165 (S), offers excellent adhesion along with top quality corrosion and chemical resistance, making it highly suited for use outdoors. Primarily designed for use on steel surfaces, this innovative product can also be used on most other polyethylene pipe coatings, offering an equally good surface adhesion as it would to steel.