*Sika Sikafloor 01 Primer

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

Please note, this product is now discontinued. Contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Sika Sikafloor 01 Primer is a universal dispersion primer for use with cementitious levelling compounds or tile adhesives.

Best Uses

Sikafloor®-01 Primer is suitable for pre-treating floors following the recommended dilution rates. For interior use only. As a primer for reducing absorbency, to improve
adhesion on smooth and sound substrates and as a primer to protect the substrate against moisture from cementitious levelling compounds or tile adhesives.

Suitable for application onto concrete, cement and rapid cement screeds, calcium sulphate based screeds, old substrates with old water resistant adhesive residues (almost completely removed), dry screeds, wooden OSB and chipboard floors, mastic asphalt screeds.

  • For interior use
  • On walls and floors
  • Solvent-free according to TRGS 610
  • Low consumption / high coverage
  • Suitable for application on sub floor heating systems
  • Short waiting time
  • Can be applied to almost all substrates
  • Can be sprayed
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be diluted with water
  • Ready for use
  • Grip promoting
  • Binds residual dust


Substrate must have adequate strength, load bearing capacity, dimensional stability and permanent dryness. Must be free of residues which reduce adhesion, e.g. dust, dirt, oil, fat and loose particles. Surface treatments or any friable areas of the sub floor must be mechanically removed and the subfloor repaired with SIKA levelling compounds as required. Gypsum screeds should be grinded and vacuumed prior to further treatment. Layers of water soluble adhesives, e.g. sulphite waste adhesives, are to be mechanically removed. Old water resistant adhesives are to be mechanically removed as thoroughly as possible. Old floors, such as ceramic tiles are to be thoroughly cleaned and sanded. Magnesite bound substrates must be primed with Sikafloor®-02 Primer.

Stir Sikafloor® – 01 Primer before use. Apply on dry substrate using a suitable tool such as a roller, paintbrush or brush. Avoid formation of puddles. Sikafloor®-01 Primer can be sprayed (mixing ratio 1:1 or more). Note: A second application is recommended on very absorbent substrates. When applying the product on normal absorbant substrates such as cementitious screeds, rapid cement screed systems or concrete use 1 kg Sikafloor®-01 Primer : 3 l water.

When applying the product on non-absorbent, smooth, sound substrates such as mastic asphalt screeds, ceramic tiles, old water-resistant adhesive residues (almost completely removed), chipboard or OSB, wooden substrates use Sikafloor®-01 Primer undiluted.

When applying the product on calcium sulphate substrates such as calcium sulphate screeds, gypsum plaster use 1 kg Sikafloor®-01 Primer: 1 l water.