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  1. International Intercryl 525
    International Intercryl 525

    A VOC compliant, single component, water based anti-corrosive primer/finish.

    From £497.09 £414.24
  2. International Interthane 990SG
    International Interthane 990SG

    A two component product giving excellent durability and long term recoatability.

    From £91.27 £76.06
  3. International Interthane 870
    International Interthane 870

    A two component, high build, acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long term recoatability.

    From £99.79 £83.16
  4. International Intersheen 579
    International Intersheen 579

    A fast drying, single pack modified acrylic cosmetic finish for above the waterline in marine environments.

    From £93.66 £78.05
  5. International Intergard 740
    International Intergard 740

    A tough 2 pack epoxy finish coat For concrete that offers good abrasion and chemical resistance in corrosive environments.

    From £120.77 £100.64
  6. International Interfine 878
    International Interfine 878

    A tough, hard wearing finish coat for application over properly primed surfaces.

    From £365.58 £304.65
  7. International Interlac 665
    International Interlac 665

    A single pack alkyd high gloss finish suitable as a easily maintained cosmetic finish coat on areas above the waterline.

    From £73.26 £61.05
  8. International Interthane 990
    International Interthane 990

    A two component acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long term recoatability.

    From £116.82 £97.35
  9. International Interfine 691
    International Interfine 691

    A two pack, epoxy acrylic isocyanate free cosmetic finish providing good long term durability as a finish coat.

    From £96.59 £80.49
  10. International Interfine 979
    International Interfine 979

    Provides excellent long-term colour / gloss retention. Extended lifetime to first maintenance as part of a high end anti-corrosive system.

    From £265.20 £221.00
  11. International Interfine 1080
    International Interfine 1080

    A patented technology, high performance, low VOC single pack acrylic polysiloxane finish coat containing no free isocyanates.

    From £1,100.34 £916.95
  12. International Intercryl 700
    International Intercryl 700

    A single component, water based acrylic finish for use in industrial environments.

    From £497.09 £414.24
  13. International Interfine 629HS
    International Interfine 629HS

    A low VOC, high performance, two component, isocyanate free cross-linking acrylic finish.

    From £143.77 £119.81
  14. International Intergard 1735
    International Intergard 1735

    A high performance, low VOC, water borne 2 pack epoxy with a high gloss finish for structural steel and concrete floors.

    From £179.50 £149.58
  15. International Intergard 410
    International Intergard 410

    A high build, high performance, two component epoxy with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

    From £99.60 £83.00
  16. International Intercure 3240HG
    International Intercure 3240HG

    A two component, low VOC, high solids, fast drying polyaspartic high gloss primer / finish coating.

    From £472.24 £393.53
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