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  1. KEIM Optil
    KEIM Optil

    KEIM Optil premium quality sol/silicate paint specifically formulated for elegant interior applications.

    From £61.80 £51.50
  2. KEIM GW Primer Formerly Ecosil Grund (Grundierweiss)
    KEIM GW Primer Formerly Ecosil Grund (Grundierweiss)

    A silicate based primer coat for interior use to equalise different absorbencies on repaired or filled surfaces.

    From £50.40 £42.00
  3. KEIM Spachtel
    KEIM Spachtel

    A ready to use silicate-based filler for use on interior and exterior mineral substrates.

    From £36.60 £30.50
  4. KEIM Ecotec
    KEIM Ecotec

    Silicone emulsion for water repellent and dust suppression.

    From £121.14 £100.95
  5. KEIM Ecosil ME
    KEIM Ecosil ME

    A silicate paint that optimises air quality, making use of the MiNox effect, photo-active pigment can decompose organic pollutants and odours.

    From £50.40 £42.00
  6. KEIM Innostar
    KEIM Innostar

    A first-class, ultra covering, highly yielding and healthy sol-silicate one coat interior paint that is fast, safe, easy to use and is ideal for ceili...

    From £61.80 £51.50
  7. KEIM Colourwash
    KEIM Colourwash

    A designer ready-mixed translucent paint for interior decorative finishes.

    From £31.38 £26.15
  8. KEIM Fixativ
    KEIM Fixativ

    A silicate binding and fixing agent made from pure, liquid potassium silicate for use with Keim systems.

    From £82.32 £68.60
  9. KEIM Concretal Black
    KEIM Concretal Black

    A modern architectural sol-silicate concrete paint for opaque coatings in intensive black.

    From £169.20 £141.00
  10. KEIM Colourwash BASE
    KEIM Colourwash BASE

    A designer ready-mixed translucent base paint for use under KEIM Colourwash interior decorative finish.

    From £12.36 £10.30
  11. KEIM Dolomitspachtel
    KEIM Dolomitspachtel

    A ready to use mineral based filler for use on interior mineral, organic and mixed substrates on wall and ceiling surfaces.

    From £87.48 £72.90
  12. KEIM Colourwash Textured Undercoat
    KEIM Colourwash Textured Undercoat

    An aggregated opaque paint used to create an imperfectly imperfect texture on interior walls and ceilings.

    From £22.32 £18.60
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