*PPG SigmaFast 370 (Amercoat 370)

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Product Description

This product is not available in the UK - please contact our tech team for an alternative.

SigmaFast 370 is a two component high build epoxy primer/coating that can be used for general purpose priming and coating in atmospheric conditions, available in black, light grey, red oxide and other colours on request.

Best Uses

SigmaFast 370 is designed for coating metal substrates and providing a highly adhesive primer that can be recoated with most two component epoxy and polyurethane coating.


SigmaFast 370 can be applied quickly and easily using airless spray and has an ultra fast drying time of just 15 minutes to touch. After 2 hours you will be able to apply your choice of epoxy or polyurethane coating for decoration and protection purposes.

Surface and Environment

SigmaFast 370 can be applied to steel or previously painted and prepared surfaces suitable for use with epoxy coatings, designedto offer toughness and long term flexibility to substrates which often bend or move in external areas.

Technical Details


  • Norsok M-501 System 1 (Pre Qualified)


  • Two component high build epoxy primer/coating.
  • General purpose epoxy primer/coating for atmospheric conditions.
  • Fast curing.
  • Recoatable with most two component epoxy and polyurethane coatings.
  • Tough, with long term flexibility.
  • Easy application by airless spray.


  • Theoretical spreading rate 6.6 m2 per litre for 100µm
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness 100 - 150micro;m