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Part of the range of Jotun products offered by Promain includes a range of Jotun Coatings approved by the Highways Agency. As the UK's leading Independent Supplier of Jotun Coatings, Promain are able to provide an in-depth wealth of knowledge and information, regarding the products found within our Highways Agency approved range. So, whether you are considering the Jotun Hardtop XP or a Jotun two-pack polysiloxane topcoat, contact a member of the Promain team, as we are always pleased to help.


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Jotun Penguard Pro GF

Jotun Penguard Pro GF

A two-pack epoxy paint coating that is reinforced with glass flake. Highways Approved Item No.123.

£219.38 (£263.26 Inc VAT)

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Highways Agency Approved Coatings - Jotun

You may have reached the point of knowing the product you want to purchase – you have identified, for example, that you require the UK Highways Agency Item 110. If you are struggling to find this specific product on the Promain website - please contact Promain, as we will be able to assist in finding the accurate Jotun Coating.

We are passionate about paint. With many years of experience working with industrial paint, Promain have developed a vast amount of knowledge of Highways Agency approved coatings, which includes the specifications from the Jotun range of paint coatings.

With a full range of Jotun coatings available, either online or by telephone, Promain have the knowledge required to ensure that the correct Highways Agency approved coatings are provided to our Customer.

Contact the Technical Support Team at Promain if you have any questions relating to any of the Jotun Coatings in this Highways Agency Approved section. We will discuss your needs and requirements with you and provide an in-depth answer to any issues you may have.